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The Story of the Seasons Book Box

The Story of the Seasons Book Box

Cool, getting warmer… the season of Ngoonumgi, Murrai’yunggory

Our respect extends to the Dharawal People and we acknowledge this is their story as painted by Danielle Mate Sullivan. Danielle was inspired by the traditional stories as compiled by Frances Bodkin, in her book ‘The Annual Cycle – The Season of Ngoonungi’. If we look and listen, the Land will tell us what Season it is. Can you read the signs as the Dharawal People do?

The story progresses round the box as the weather changes from cool to warm. Start your journey as the Ngoonumgi, Grey-Headed Flying Fox, gather in vast numbers as the sun sinks below the horizon.The tree of the Peacemaker, Boonah, flowers. The refreshing nectar from the flowers is used in ceremonies of peace – wherever the Boonah grows there is the experience of peace and calmness.The sound of the Gugagara (Kookaburra) can be heard throughout the bushland as they challenge each other over territory.

Then we follow the possum footprints to the front panel of the box as the snarling, growling sounds of their nocturnal battles can be heard.

The flowering buds of the Waratah paint the landscape with splashes of brilliant red. The nectar is gathered and this gift is given to young babies who are unwell.As we move to the right hand panel gentle rains are falling. Restrictions on eating shellfish, prawns, crabs, yabbies’ and lobsters are lifted and feasting on the beaches occurs.

The clans gather to celebrate the time of plenty with ceremonies.

About the Artist:

Danielle Mate Sullivan is an award-winning contemporary Aboriginal artist who acknowledges her culture through the Kunja peoples of the Cunnamulla region of South-West Queensland. The significant centerpiece in all of her work is her loving family. Danielle’s art is all about where she is from, where she has been and where she is at in her current belonging.

Danielle has her artwork in collections throughout the world, most notably in the private collection of President Obama at The White House. Danielle also delivers workshops and painting classes to schools in her local area.  www.djmate.com.au


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  • Naomi Countryman

Numeracy Tasks With Dominoes



Emergent Learner

  • Add both sides of a domino to find total. Draw total number of dots and write numeral.
  • Make a domino train by counting dots using 1 to 1 correspondence.
  • Count dots on one side of the tile and match with another tile with same pattern. Find the numeral card to represent the number of dots.
  • Double 6 dominoes in pairs, students choose a domino tile and counts forwards and backwards using the dots on the tile.
  • Students need to pick 2 dominoes and line the matching dots next to each other. Aim is to get the longest line.

Perceptual Learner

  • Take 2 domino tiles. Cover one and find total.
  • Take one domino tile. Friend covers one side and student must visualise to add.    
  • Double 6 domino box. Flash partner a domino tile. How many did you see? If they are correct they keep the tile. Continue taking turns. Person with the most tiles at the end is the winner.  
  • Children pick 2 numeral cards (1-6). They must think about how it might look on a domino tile and then make a domino tile using those numbers.

Figurative Learner

  • Take 2 domino tiles, 1 dot domino and 1 numeral domino. Start at numeral domino, add and count on using dots on 2nd tile.
  • Have a pile of dominoes facing down. Take turns to turn a tile over. If you get a double, record number sentence and keep tile. If it is not a double put it in a separate pile. Person with the most doubles is the winner.
  • Students turn a numeral card and a 6 dotted domino. Add and explain how.
  • Place dominoes face down. Turn one and add together.  Record number. Partner holds up 1 to 5 fingers on their hand. Child must use their recorded number to count on the number displayed on the hand.

Counting On

  • Turn 2 numeral dominoes and add them together.
  • Have a pile of dominoes facing down. take turns to turn a tile over. If you get a double or near double, record number sentence and keep tile.  If it is not a double or near double put it in a separate pile. Person with the most tiles is the winner.
  • Double 6 domino box. Turn 2 dominoes and race to see who can add the quickest. Winner must verbalise strategy to friend.
  • Double 9 numeral dominoes. In pairs, students choose a numeral domino and read it as a 2 digit number. Take away 10 and record on an empty number line.
  • Flip two dominoes and add them quickly.


  • Turn 1 numeral domino. First number on the tile to represent 10. If a domino has a 7 on one side and a 6 on the other it becomes 76. Students work out how many more to 100.
  • Students are given a target number and use dominoes to add or subtract to get target number.
  • Flip 3 or more dominoes and add them together.
  • In pairs, students choose 2 numeral dominoes and read them as 2 digit numbers. Use split strategy to add tens and ones separately.


  • Naomi Countryman

Wonderful feedback on our Alphabet Carpet from Wallaroo Public School

Hi, I thought I would let you know that the children love the new mat I purchased for the library!!!

From the first day they were lying on it and saying how soft it is. I have seen children playing hopscotch on it, and recently the older children have been playing "library twister" where they have made up bits of paper and call out for example "left leg H". The teachers love it because the children can all sit on a letter and have enough room to comfortably sit, or they can re-direct a child to sit on a particular letter (to move them from a child they are too chatty with). I have attached a photo of our Reception class all sitting straight listening to a story.      Di Seddon - Library Manager


  • Naomi Countryman

Elizabeth Richards attends the DEC Inspire Innovate Conference at the ANZ Stadium

It was great meeting over 200 teachers and educators at the Inspire and Innovate Conference at Homebush.  As a company we have only been consistently attending Conferences since last year however of the Conferences we have attended last weeks was one of the most positive and enjoyable.  There was great interest in all of our literacy, numeracy and storage products displayed on our table with the purple Plastic Book & Storage Tub the most popular item!

Here we are demonstrating the Double View Mirror. 



  • Vivek Gupta